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Custom Coatings
Welcome to Custom Coatings website.  We want to work with you to turn your vision into a reality.  We will work with you to mould and construct your plans and once we have finalized them, we will build your project for you. We provide commercial and residential services for the four state are for over 4 generations. We are the #1 asphlat company ranked by citizens. Call us today for a free quote and before highering any other contractor check with us.
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  1. Asphalt & Chip N Seal
    Asphalt & Chip N Seal
    Chip n seal is tar and rock rolled in to compress, and stay in contact to get a long lasting product. Asphalt is paved from an over cap of 2 in to a new lot at 3 in.
  2. Maintenance
    Seal Coating, hot tar for crack repair, pot hole patch, line striping, parking lot cleaning, road sweeping
  3. Concrete
    Clear coatings, staining, crack repair, re surfacing, and all new pads formed and poured